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07-12-2011, 04:14 PM
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  1. brb1006@mymelody.com
    Cinnamoroll looks so happy here.
  2. chibilover78_@hellokitty.com
    aww too cute!
  3. diana97@hellokitty.com
    One word: adorable!
  4. lovelikerawr@hellokitty.com
    I want a pony like that! XD
  5. efairyofthesea@hellokitty.com
    so happy...

    That horse remind me of a carousel that was really big and really nice in the middle of some mall I used to go too. And it had carriages...

    It's so nice~horsey!
  6. daniel311_2009@hellokitty.com
    So cute & adorable!!!!!!
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