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  1. Hi! Check your mail. I sent you a Kongregate invitation.
  2. Nvm I'm going to bed xD maybe tomorrow
  3. LOL!! Yay you're on go on MSP xD
  4. I sent you mail!! The codes are in it.
  5. So, don't worry about it.
  6. I will enter the info, I will give you the codes they will give me in the mail.
  7. I'm waiting for you on HKO. I'm gathering the carrots and broccoli.
    Also, hi Sarah!!!!!
  8. I'll enter them later.
    I can't take my computer downstairs because it's a huge touch screen.
    Brb, HKO also!
  9. Brb, HKO!
  10. Us/C. Did you enter the codes?
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