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  1. I know what you mean. I had a headache all weekend. On a brighter note, my dog had a puppy!
  2. Actually, more into Riku from the Kingdom Hearts games now (though i can't play most of them i don't care cuz he's still a cutie!!!)...and i'm okay.

    Though I have a headache at the moment.

  3. Hello! ^_-
    I haven't spoken with you in idk how long! How are you? Still love Ash, right??
  4. That's good
    Don't worry, be happy!!!! It was, and yours???

    Xo, Rey
  5. Yeah, Jack is probably my favorite pony! She's calmer than the others in my opinion and she's also very helpfull^^ <3

    Naah, you don't need to ask why I thought anyone was mad at me (I appoligize for any unplesant drama...). It was a misunderstanding between me and a dear friend, anyways. But we made it up and things are fine now. No worries!^^

    Annd I hope your Easter was really nice^^

  6. Why would anyone be mad at chu?

    Thanks, I luv her :3
    Haha her accent is ah-dorable!
  7. I'm alright, I just hope no one's mad at me...(maybe we'll e-mail over it sometime)

    Cool Apple Jack picture^^ I like her^^
  8. Hey Santa ^.^
    How are you???
  9. Yes the holidays have been jolly thank you! I hope they were marvelous for you too!
  10. Daaarling! Dearest Fellow Ash Fan!!! ;D Merry Christmas and to all a good night! I hope it's been Jolly
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