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  1. Ahh. A lot of people seem to really like scizor, i think...i doubt your alone!

    I think he's pretty cool, i kinda like Dodrio better though. Kinda...interesting, and even a bit intimidating, with those 3 heads and all...

    Plus, Yellow use's one...well later on anyways :P (maybe, in a sense, hydreigon is a shout out to this pokemon for that very reason...ya know, 3 heads and all. maybe i just over thought it too much tho...*this is commen with me*)
  2. why did i ask a question i shoulda known the answer to?....
  3. Crystal sounds like a beautiful color, btw...

  4. Well, one dog..for the time being....(I plan on taking care of animals instead of children as i get older, though. im pretty good with them even tho i didn't grow up with them a lot, i guess, anyways...maybe my obsession with pokemon helped with that....)

    I think i'm going to scare you off if i keep saying such crazy, scary things T_T you probably think i'm insane.

    Just think of me as like Gold and if i say anything weird, you can choose not to believe it.
  5. BTW, don't think i mistoke you for a 'peta butt'.

    I'm rarely ever attacked by those types of people anyways (if ever at all 0_o; ). I'm just...a bit....self concience sometimes i guess.

    I dunno. Eating meat just isn't convinient for me :P

    even if i do only have like one dog. but dont mess with meh, okay?
  6. BTW, i'm a vegetarian soooo i don't exactly eat steak XD;

    I do consume sugar a bit too much sometimes though :X but pretty much only through chocolate and fruit. Usually.

    BTW, thats probably why i acted soo strange about liking honey earlier on in my comments, btw. I guess i feel weird about eating anythng from animal origion a little, or expect people to flame me like peta butts...(BTW, i don't like peta. i just don't like eating meat cuz it feels icky/violent-ish to me, and i get too emotional over that...soo i tend to avoid it....and i genneraly dont like the taste much anyways. i actually tend to prefer the taste of veggies!^^).
  7. I plan on having a pretty hello kitttee~ or flowerrrrs~ layout myself on my account, but changing the colors is hard. I better head to the library sometimes i guess...

    ?_?; *srsly face*

    I hope you are well btw.
  8. Riolu is cool! I have a Lucario on my soul silver game but his evs stink though (I dislike EV training, its boring..*yawn* i feel bad saying that T_T).

    Speaking of the games! Wanna exchange friend codes sometime?

    =) ^_^

    I'll post my soul silver one sometime later, but you'll need to let me know your time zone, though...soo we can set up proper battle timings...

  9. My favorite pokemon are Jirachi, Mew, Bellossom, Pichu, Raichu(new fav now cuz...<3;x3 just is?XDyea..*pretty much^///^*), Dodrio (he's soo cool lookin'! and kinda symblizes Yellow's brave heartedness too in a way^^), Doduo (just cuz..XD), PIKAchu(XD), Chikoritaaa, Skitty, Absol, Sky Forme Shaymin.....

    I have too many. lol

  10. Awww, butter yeeellooow...
    n///n; *luv*<3;x3

    BTW, i had awful nightmares last night..due to my... autism.....

    I'm just gna smile and not give it energy =)

    I appriciate things a lot better when i SMILE about them anyways^^

    and...i must let the past go (yes, a, i am indeed HONIST enouth to admit that publicly to these sweeties. that i was a real meanie about a few years ago, but now its time to let it go..i wasnt meaning harm....*i hope*)

    Walk forwards with the best way to go T_T
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