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  1. Do you have a crush on any pokemon boys?....

    I still think Ash Ketchum is REALLY cute, tbh. And i'm...21.

    He scare's me in unova, though. And I tend to OVER obsess over pokemon when i think about him too much sometimes, since i'm an aspie. and kinda said i'd....marry him once -_-; or something that i interprited as that...

    I think i freaked you out now. FORGET YOU EVEN READ THIS!!!
  2. Hi there kitten!^-^

    BTW, my favorite food is mcdonalds apple dippers.

    I like honey too though. But its a little gross when its melted....

    I like honey flavored breakfast cerials too XD Yum!^^<3;x)
  3. Crystal is such a pretty color fav choice.

    <3; x3

    i wonder if what you call 'crystal' is also a shade of light blue..(is it?:3)(XD)
  4. Yeah, what fan doesn't at least play ONE of the games?

    Can I ask yew what your favorite pokemon iz?


  5. I'll be sure to join then! xD

    We probably live in different time zones. That can do it =P xP;

    BTW, you e-mail name is SOOOO cute. I love blueberries and bees, too!^^ and...honey?....o_O; *lul*
  6. it says i can only make 5 groups?


    (ok, you dont HAVE to, u think you can start a PokÚSpecial group instead? i reached my limits!! hopefully i'll still be able to invite new people for us though xD; its up to you now, i guess....i mean you've read more of the manga than i have anyways. silly old me. soo i guess it would make sense, but again, its your call^^)
    ALSO!!! You might wanna join my espeon group

    =) ^_^ nwn;
  8. i hear N from pokemon b/w is a bit simular to yellow btw.

    I don't really wanna spoil the games if you haven't really played them tho.
  9. I need to read the d/p/plt ark sometime XD

    I recall reading most of the ruby and sapphire ark i think, or a least a lot of it.

    Ruby had a cute personality, I recall that i liked the names he gave his pokemon :3 xD COCO THE DELCATTY! d' are just precious<3;x3
  10. As for my book, lets just say it got lost instead. On a dog walk, maybe...or most definetely, and i wouldnt hold it agenst him either :P

    I rather not remember that girl anyways.

    I almost despised pokemon over her -_-; ( kind of true x_X; )

    But anyways....(and i still feel wary over playing the sinnoh games over those memories, alas...i did resent pearl quite a few times before totally ditchin' it tho xD; but i'll probly pik it up & play it religiously one day...*still gennerally luvs pkmn games anyways x)<3;x3*)

    Now *ahem*..

    ...I probably read the book (that i used to have) at least 4-5, or 6, times before i lost it, though. I'd think it was well-loved.

    I always enjoyed the way adventures portrayed the series a lot, anyways :3 Its...epic.

    XD ^_^ x) <3;

    again, i probly do relate to yellow's ark best. Plus, Yellow is just a real heart-melter^_^ >w<;; adorable spanish accent and cheerful speaking and just soo innocent and all-out sweet...*kawaii desu<3;x3*
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