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  1. Hey ariestar.
    I really miss you.
    Hope you are doing ok.
    P.S.I seriously miss talking to you.T-T
  2. Totally! LOL
  3. She is doesn't listen
  4. That makes 2 of us
  5. OMG!!! My mum wuldn't let me bcuz she is gonna b worried if I wuld put like ''Oh I'm going 2 da mall'' I'm like :| 1st of all they don't know wat mall I'm goin @! 2ed of all Y wuld I put tat I wuld put instead ''I'm totally happy becuz my bday is coming up''
  6. I know me 2 but I wanna Twitter more! 2 follow celebs nd follow my fav mag abot all da deets nd gossip.
  7. I want a FaceBook account so i can talk 2 my friends more often.
  8. Ya my mum is over-protective of me 2 she won't let me have a facebook,twitter, or MySpace! Nd I relay wanna a twitter! More than a Facebook!
  9. Relley? Hmmm how weird my mum wuld let me
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