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  1. Thank you my lovely XD
  2. Haah ha, yeah... I'm pretty addicted. THEY'RE JUST SO PRETTY AHHH~!!!
    Btw, Kawaii profile pic!! ^^
  3. Boy you really like those cupcakes, they could almost look like ice cream or cotton candy
  4. Yum, those cupcakes are great. They're fun to make too. I uploaded the same way you did, and yes there were question marks. Currenty they only show up on my profile as links and not thumbnails. They're probably working on this, this site seems to be going under major changes.
  5. Btw, how did you upload your pictures? Mine had question marks on them. Did yours too??? O.o
  6. Haah ha, yes, I love Cupcakes. Plus, I think they're super cute~! Especially the ones that have Pink frosting with Sprinkles~! Ahh~ ^v^
  7. Thank you. So you like cupcakes?lol
  8. You're new too? Welcome~! ^_^
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