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  1. Kitty-chan, how did you make an alternate account?
  2. That happened to me. 0.o

    P.S Why is everyone lower than Rank B muted?
  3. Huh? I posted a really long message on your profile and it's not showing up! O.o I spent half an hour typing that! >.<

    Meh, whatever. I'm not gonna type all that all over again. -_-'
  4. Haha, seems like it. XD Wow, you're right. The anniversary already passed. 0.o Time goes fast! Hmm...maybe a late anniversary event?
  5. Lol maybe ardillons just don't like to give up their cards. XD

    Oh, and I was looking at your older blog posts. Magical Pets is over a year old now! We could have had an event for the first anniversary of Magical Pets on June 8th! Too late now I guess but that would have been cool.
  6. (Referring to your blog posts): You're doing well in the pet hunt quests! Hmm... so you also had trouble with the ardillons? I also had trouble with them. D: It took me a long time to get that card...I was ABOUT to drop "Pet Hunt 1" quest! XD
  7. Yep! Challenges are FUN! XD

    Don't give up! You'll get Komodo's Treasure soon!
  8. Lol you sure love challenges don't you?

    Beat him again yesterday... got Komodo's Tears, the same thing as before.

    I made the veggie pizza. I'm going to get tokens by doing that repeatable quest that Pochi gives each day, and try whenever I get the ingredients I need. I've been low on money since I bought that qualilative greasing, so I'm just barely managing to keep my plants alive and to keep my pets from going hungry. Buying a pizza guide was difficult.
  9. Oh yeah, the Komodo's Treasure is an uncommon drop. @_@ But that just makes the game even more challenging! XD
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