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  1. Pinkie Pie is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!! I LOVE her! I considered making my cutie mark a shiny bellossom at first, lol! And yes, I do have a shiny bellossom! Her name is Meadowsong A friend actually caught a shiny oddish and transferred her to me for a birthday present! It was one of the coolest presents eeeeeevaaaaaar. I'd love to see the pink photobucket thing btw

    and I've been doing well! how about you?
  2. And your welcome about the picture link I might play dolldevine on here soon^^

    Also if you like the color pink I have a pink photobucket album to show off if you wanna see it It's pictures of pink things XD
  3. I like friendship is magic a little bit. I kind of found Pinkie Pie really cool.

    Yeah that doll site is fun! i'll probably make my cutie mark a pokemon lololol


    Have you been doing well lately?

    Also; Have you ever *owned* a shiny bellossom of your own? I'm curious Shiny Pokemon are just soo rare...
  4. I've seen Liligant, thanks for the picture link! Shiny bellossom is still my super favorite Pokemon Petal Dance was my favorite attack with Oddish on Pokemon Stadium

    My forum avatar is from I'll send the link for this particular model.

    There are TONS of wonderful ones at! I also frequent,, and

    If you like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, they have the best pony creator ever! You get to import your own cutie mark so that there is no limit to what your pony can look like! I recommend importing the cutie mark before you do anything else to your pony. Seriously. Cutie mark first

    I plan on making my pony part of my signature once I figure out how
  5. Liligant is a newer pokemon;
    Isn't it super moe? I looove it's desion! ^^ It's kind of like Bellossom too and mine know's Petal Dance *nod's*

    You almost had a Shiny Bollossom Avatar?! OMG Awesome! I love you XD
  6. I like Liligant, it's the Pokémon I single trained on my white version

    I still like Pichu too cuz it look's like Kuromi. Even though I didn't like my name "PichuXD" much on white version...though now i'm liking it better now that i'm reading it as "Pichu Laugh". Very Sanrio-like!
  7. found it, lol. Love your picture!!! Is it a baby Growlith? My favorite is Bellossom! I very nearly chose a shiny bellossom as my pic
  8. And your welcome^^ (read the other 2 comments bellow this now please )
  9. I still want a Kuromi avatar even though i'm into pokemon though. :P
  10. Just click "Add as Friend" under my profile picture, which is a red dog called Growlithe (he's from pokemon. i'm obsessed with pokemon XD).

    What's the url to the doll site? I'm curious, I want to try it out, espesally since i've been bored lately. xD; Is it Dollzmania?
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