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  1. Me too! >.< Oh, lucky people~.
  2. I get the feeling. All of my friends have at least kissed someone and im just here like 'aye'. And, some of the accounts I follow on social media have girlfriends, and they're so cute together! It makes mefeel this little pang in my chest whenever I see gay couples >.<
  3. Boo. >.< Well, good luck then~. I'm fifteen and it's embarrassing when people find out I've never dated. O.o Lol. So many people here are in relationships; I always see people kissing in the hallways. It makes me feel like some crazy jealous person...
  4. Yeah, it's harsh. I only know one other bisexual girl, but I don't have any feelings for her. There's a few gay guys, but not any bi ones so there's not much except straight people to crush on.

    And, no, my school doesn't have a GSA, unfortunately.
  5. Oh, wow, that little? I know at least five lesbians at my school, ten pansexual/bisexual girls... and we have a whole lot of gay and bisexual guys, and a transgender girl too.

    Does your school have a GSA? It's easy to be out of the closet at my school by joining the GSA, and that way I can know which girls like girls, and I can talk with LGBT+ people on a regular basis.

    That sounds like an annoying situation, at any rate.
  6. It does, really, but since 99.9% of the girls in my school have been confirmed to be straight, I've gotten used to it.
  7. ^.^ It's still frustrating though. >.<
  8. I crush on straight girls all the time its ok
  9. Ah, yeah, that's a good point. I've never thought of it like that. ^.^

    But I do kinda understand when guys get angry at me because I refuse to go out with them. O.o It's like me, constantly crushing on straight girls.
  10. I know, right? I don;t understand why people are so homophobic. I mean, wouldn't gay relationships leave more girls for straight guys and vice versa with lesbian couples? idek i just don't understand.
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