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  1. Want a free house for your farm on HKO? Just meet me on the US/Can server at 2:10 PM, (11:10 Pacific, 1:10 Central)
  2. Following someone online isn't creepy, lol. Those people must just be irritable. It was mean of them to say that though.
  3. Some people on G+. Obviously they think that I'm creepy because I'm always so happy and because they think that I "Follow" them by posting comments on everything they originally share. That'd how I creep them out. By following them. It's like I'm a stalker or something, 0.o. But most of the time I try to ignore rude or mean comments.
  4. No, not at all. O.o Who told you that?
  5. Hi! ^^ I would like you to tell me your opinion on this one, because I've already had about 3 people tell me this -_-
    Question: Do I creep you out? Have I ever? 0.0
  6. Oh, maybe this page explains it:

    It says something like:

    "How do I find friends and other Piggs?

    A Pigg by Ameba ID search feature is not available.

    Please go to a World Center to exchange with other Piggs."

    So we'd have to meet in a World Center at the same time.
  7. Mine's ichigogogo. ^^ I think... there are so many names that it confuses me... O.o But that's the one that comes up when I move my mouse over my avatar. ichigogoana comes up on my profile, ichigogogirl is the one I use to log in, and ichigogo is the one that it shows on the side of the screen... o.o

    Hm, I dunno how to find friends either. I did find a page that explains how to do it on the FAQ, but the instructions are very vague and I can't understand the first step. O.o
  8. Oh, good. -_- Anyway, what is your IGN on Ameba Pigg? Maybe I can Add you! (Lol, When I figure out how) I'm Katia Oukin (Princess Katia) And yes, include princess katia in the brackets.
  9. Oh, that's just telling you rules about Ameba Pigg. Stuff like not giving out personal information. You should be able to just press the pink button at the bottom to close it and continue what you were doing.
  10. [IMG][/IMG]
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