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  1. You mean this one?

    Yes, that's a chat box. (Inside it, it says, "Chatto o nyuuryoku suru", which means, "Enter chat".)

    Under it is actions. If you move the mouse over them it says what they all are. From left to right: aisatsu (greeting), ojigi (bow), ureshii (happy), kanashii (sad), and bunbun (ugh). ^^
  2. Like, what is the little box on the bottom left corner for? I know that the pictures are emotions, but is it a chat box or something?
  3. Nope, no English setting, lol. If there are specific things you want to know how to do, you can ask me, but I don't understand the entire site. It is kawaii though. ^.^♥
  4. Hi! ^^ I found this cute kawaii game called Ameba Pigg, and I heard that you play it, too. Though the only problem is that it's in Japanese, and I can't read it. O.o Is there an English setting? I was able to make my character, but that's only because I used google translator for the sign up process. It's hard to understand, though!
  5. Hehe, cool. ^.^
  6. Your welcome! ^^ I had like, 3000 points, and I really just didn't know what to do with them except give out a random gift.
  7. Thanks for the gift! ^^
  8. That's okay. ^^ Thanks for the money!
  9. Sorry, but my computers are messing up! On both, I can't connect to HKO. >.<
  10. Oh wait, I just realized I don't know your ingame name on that server.
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