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  1. I really wish I could play on weekdays. I'm still patching HKO on my laptop.
  2. Am in the morning. My Grandma doesn't like me getting up at the usual, which is 7:00. :/
    PS: I'm in Eastern Time Zone.
  3. Oh, AM. I see. Make sure you respond on my profile and not yours. So what timezone are you in? Eastern US?
  4. What timezone? AM or PM?

    If it's AM, I hope I can wake up early enough.
  5. Tommorow, august 3rd is a good time for me, on us/can server in London. 9:30.
  6. Lidie-chan, I got your furtale card! When can I give it to you?
  7. Actually, no one has asked. Lol. Sure, I'll include you.

    Today I'm going to work on getting a croogar card for my friend Hana-chan (AbbyAnalyzer) and then I'll work on getting a furtale for you. ^^
  8. Hi Ana! I wanted to ask if you could put me in your Fan-fiction story, A HKO Tale. Sorry If I'm the thousandth person to ask, I just wanted to have a part.
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