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  1. : it's ok ! i understand .. ^^
  2. Anyways, sorry if I sounded a bit...harsh. I'm a strange aspie. Even stranger, I rather not think of myself as 'female' anymore. Man you must be soo confused by now...just say what you want. I'm sorry! Please don't be mad!!

    You know what aspergers is, right?
  3. I've been into grass type pokemon lately XD You'll be able to tell by how I edit my account
  4. EDIT; To sound less harsh, basicly, this post was about how confused I get when people say 'you guys' to me. I don't really wanna care, though. Sorry for the drama. And, uh, i'm a girl. Not that I wanna care since I prefer playing as a boy in my pokemon games now when gaven a choice between male and female...
  5. : i'm great ! i miss you guys ! ^^ woah ! you always love pokemon .. ^^
  6. WOW! Eliz! It's been awile XD I'm good! I played pokemon today^^

    I see you still like pink a lot as always I'm sure we all missed ya! Welcome back^^ I hope you've been doing good too
  7. : hello sweetie ! how are you ? ^^
  8. Merry Christmas! Its been awile since we last talked I hope santa was really good to you this year and your family too I love ya!!^^

    ~santa gal~
  9. : we have lot in common sweety ! that's great ! oyee ! i really love cute things too . hihi !
  10. Pink's cool anyways XD
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