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  1. Ahh Cool.

    I'm glad we talked on serebii's again too. That was fun^^

    Its nice i got a new pokemon crush this year too xD

    I wonder how long that'll last lol female crushes i've had before korrina tended to not last very long....but i've liked her for like almost 7 months now o.o;; That's pretty cool xD
  2. Oh my gosh I'm so sorry. When I went to reply back then the server more or less went down for a couple of days.
    Reading the conversation page I noticed that it was my Black/White DVD that my sister took after all.
  3. Wow! Its been years!!! Hi tyler xD Its me, jirachu/zozo/trioxhydre/pachibakfoon Remember me?
  4. I thought I forgot about your brirthday tbh.
  5. Yeah. Is it meant to be a broken photobucket picture?
  6. lol thanks
  7. Your background is funny.
  8. I hope you had a good christmas.
  9. I own Black/White collection 1 on dvd now
  10. 9 but i liked may as well but not so much*expect when she had that battle froniter dub voice*
    I said to my sister do you want me to wake you up to pokemon to see Dawn
    Good times expect around half into the series i started waking up at 7:28am
    Pokemon ends at 7:30am so i could only mostly listen to the ending rap
    I rember the day before it aired and it had the starters eating food in a sneak peak
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