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  1. i ish alrite cx annd O: i hasnt been on since like eva o.o
  2. haha okay.. i dont get on much either o.o
    ima doin fine...... how bout chu?
  3. Hey how are ya? I have no time at all for Sanrio anymore. I will try to get on when I have time hehe
  4. heyyyyyyy!!!!
  5. haha wellz isnt dat funny :P students are like YaY! no school and teachers do da same at times but dey get paid for it haha
  6. cool. i have no school on monday! XD wooo, lol, so how are you sweetie? take care..
  7. haha yeshhhh i'll try to come on more XP i mean dis is a like 2 weeks delayed XD
    ima good... no school for a week!!.... haha and you???
  8. Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are you???!?!??!?!?!?! Omg yay ur back!!!!!! :d
  9. hmmm.... yea i guess i am :P i am finally seein meh fwends again after 2 months
  10. Haha, yeah. Lol well take care too! I am having a lot of fun at school. What about you?
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