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  1. Eyy sup ___? Sorry i forgot ur name again >w<
  2. Hi Yayaa. Long time no see, chicken. Lolz, only jk.
  3. Oooh yeah Noelle LOL! Hey noelle do u like listening to K-pop song?
  4. I listened to the songs and I like Bless Myself. =)
    It's pretty, although I don't usually like those types of music. I prefer J-pop! Go Buonooooo!!! YEAH!!!!!! XD
  5. My name in the game is Noelle, my email name is diana97. I can't believe you'd forget! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! >0<

    Only kidding. =p
  6. Oh my gosh.....I just loved these 3 music frm Cinderella once upon a song! U gotta listen to it :P

    Tell me which song u like ok? If u don't like it just tell me okie ^o^
  7. Uh...i forgot ur name o.o is it Diana or Noelle? >w<
  8. aww yeah i miss those time too
  9. Aww... I miss you too Yayaa! *gives big hug*

    Remember when we used to play games together in HKO?

    Like we would play hide & seek! I was always the seeker and you would hide some hard place and I would try and look for ya, sayin that u were dead when i found ya!

    And when we used to stay in that apple house and just listen to the music before my birthday... Do u remember? T_T

    Man... Those were the times... @___@
    You were always so funny and nice to me, even though you sounded kinda harsh and rude at first... =P *laughs*
    Whenever you were around I always DIED with laughter. Lajie was there too! She's really a great listener and friend. I respect her.

    What you been up to during the hols? xxx Noeee xxx
  10. lol i miss u
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