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  1. Domo's a model! YAY!
  2. Yeah.But i'm keeping my proflie pic.It's too funny ^^
    Director: "Pose,Domo!"
    Domo: "Okay" *Pose in profile picture*
  3. lol That's fine.

    The cool thing is that the store changes all the time.
  4. I'm still ging..
    Oh,okay.I'm about to change it,anyway.
  5. Uh last time I was there they had some small Domo stuffies for like a buck I think. No erasers though. :/
  6. Oh, and my friend was just wondering who your avatar was of. :3 He didn't say there was anything wrong with it.
  7. Cool!I really need to go there one day...Do they have Domo?
  8. It's called Christmas Tree Shops. They had like pumpkins, airplanes, fire extinguishers and all kinds of crazy eraser stuff!
  9. Extreamly!What store?
    And also,What's wrong with my avatar?
  10. They're little erasers I bought at a store. Kinda cute, no? x3
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