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  1. Thank you.
  2. Happy Birthday!
  3. That was different.
    At least he died happy and got to be with his strawberry milk girlfriend.
    Though in the begining he kind of weirded me out but after about 2 minutes he seemed kind of cute.
  4. Oh. Google Milky and you will be able to find it.
  5. Nope.I dont think i have.
  6. You seen the video I been talking about?
  7. Aw thats too bad.It looked as though he had a promising dancing career ahead of him.
    Oh well we shant cry over spilled milk.
  8. Thank you.
    Yeah it is rather cool but he dies(gets tipped out and put in the bin) at the end of the video.
  9. Dancing milk.How cool is that?
    Nice avatar.
  10. Happy Birthday!
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