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  1. Hi!! Wanna do some forum games?!lol..

    I hope your good today dear

  2. Hi! *just wanted to be friendly preeetty much but how r ya?XD*
  3. CinnaXMocha FTW.

  4. I know, Mocha is probably the cutest friends of Cinnamoroll. I think Cinnamoroll and Mocha might make a great couple.
  5. She has flowers on her ears!^_^

    Flowers are beautiful. I grew up around them!! Mainly lots of wild flowers and playing outdoors in cute dresses xD;
  6. Thanks, I agree Mocha is sweet. Also I got one Hamtaro VHS and one Hamtaro DVD. Im glad I can find the eps on the Internet.
  7. Thank you!! Hamtaro was awesome ^_^

    I like your Mocha avee too^^ She's soo pwetty!x3
  8. I love your Hamtaro icon. I wish CN would bring the show back along with the Toonami block.
  9. i shoulda been more into kirby when i was 14 xD; dumb 'anime crushes' heh..
  10. I still want to be friends I don't want to scare anyone away with this stuff...maybe i'll delete some posts.
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