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  1. I swear in some eps or a movie Plankton said that!BTW you heard about the Earthquake in Japan!
  2. It's really a spongebob reference? Totally didn't know that!
  3. penguinkool97: Spongebob reference
  4. How's your day was it good?

  5. Rawr!
  6. Hi there Rikki!
  7. How do you add other icons from other website's like that?
  8. Hey there! To customize your profile colors click on "Customize My Profile" which should be above the visitors message box. You should get a blank page above it, click on "Customize" and it should show up with the colors you can edit. Thanks to Victor and Ly for that information!
  9. Can we be friends?
  10. I love your profile.How you do that
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