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  1. Yikes, that's life for high school students: wake up early, school work, homework, more work and it goes on and onnnnn.........
  2. Ah, I see. I have a lot of work to do too, but so far I haven't been busy on Fridays or Saturdays. ^.^ Usually I have so much math homework, because every night the teacher assigns us both something from the book and a worksheet. O.o It takes at least four hours to do, often more like five.

    Nice talking to you too~. ^.^
  3. Haha yeah :P

    Anyway I might poof for a bit because I swear... I have:
    - 4 assignments (3 due next week)
    - tests soon


    I will be back~ ;D
  4. Me playing HKO doesn't feel that long ago, probably partly because I visit this site a lot still~.
  5. I know!! Time is so weird like that xD

    Man, me playing HKO, that seemed like MANY years ago
  6. It's weird how a year (or several years) feels so short, but a single day of school feels so long. O.o
  7. I know rightt!!!! I can't believe it's August already, geez
  8. I feel like time is always flying~. I can never keep up with anything!
  9. Oh yup, definitely

    Time seems to be flying these days xD unless it's just me
  10. You just gotta keep reminding yourself, "Just gotta endure this until the weekend; just gotta endure this until the weekend..."
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