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  1. Its fine. I don't like saying my age publicly much. Some people are judgey about age :/
  2. Sorry, never check my private messages here. I realized that. I'm getting mixed messages about your age (I actually realized I might be mistaken) and sorry if it comes across as rude to you! It is hard to read peoples ages and often genders, and at some point assumption takes over.
  3. I'm probably older than you think I am XD; I don't like putting my age in profiles...'cuz people have tried to judge me by my age before.....maybe I should, though. Seem's people being confused about how old I am might be an issue too. And I wouldn't want to cause any trouble for anyone o.o Or myself.
  4. You have the number 2004 in your name! :3 thats so cool, since 2004 was a special year for me X3
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