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  1. Lol, yeah. I don't even have time to enjoy the holidays and Im already sitting in a classroom. O_O
    So irritating. I HATE SCHOOL!!! >.< *fumes*

    It's been a long time since I've spoken to you! I hope you had a great year in '11 and an even better one in 2012!!!
    xxxx Noelle xxxx
  2. Hey Noelle
    Yeah it's been a while. University tends to eat up my time a lot, but I'm doing fine and I'm returning to the site and the game slowly.
  3. Hi Lee! Is everything all right with that school? And how's things? ^^
  4. It's about me and I like food. Then one day I save this guy from drowning. Turns out he's an idol and I fall for him and I enter the idol world too. He's called Luigi. Then another guy called Luca who sings with Luigi is always mean to me for no reason and I realize I actually like him better so I'm stuck between two. Romance-comedy genre.
  5. Oh? That sounds pretty cool
    What's it about, if one may ask?
  6. I'm writing a story!
  7. Thank you, Noelle
    It does look bright right now. I just hope the last few papers go through.

    So what have you been upto lately?
  8. Ohh, I understand.
    I hope you get a place in this new school your going to!
    Good luck! ~Noelle~
  9. Yeah, it's a part of my life. I always have to struggle to get the things I want, meaning I have to sometimes leave other things behind.
  10. Hi Leeling! Wow, you're THAT busy??? 0___o
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