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  1. I like both her hairstyals They're both beautiful. I suppose i found her long hair a little more attractive, in a sense, though, but her short hair is sooo cute (but not in a 'hot' type of way as much, probably? XD). I do like the sybolisum behind her short hair too. Her desire to change for the better and stuff

    I'm learning more nowadays that i'm pretty attracted to girls, though, so i get confused when typing out if i find a girl cute in an 'aww' sense or an 'attractive' sense XD; It's nice i'm finding myself more though. Though I still like boys too. So i'm technecly bi (and not really in any rush for a relationship anymore, even if i look at images of korrina from pokemon a little too much XD; and seem in love with her dispite her not being a real person o.O but my crush on her also has been helping my autism get better. so i don't see it as a bad thing, even if it gets strange).
  2. Serena(セレナ) is a beautiful girl. She want to be a Kalos Queen. I look like she love Ash(サトシ/Satoshi). Which do you like her short hair style or long hair style?
  3. Dawn has a good personality. She may like girly things like fashion and contests a lot, but she's a very strong female who doesn't need help from any males. She often train's her pokemon on her own and is always coming up with new moves :3 its really neat. She's very confident in herself, too. She's an awesome character I love the pokemon they gave her too. My favorite female lead team might be serena's in x and y, though. But Dawn's might be my second fav :3
  4. I like cute Pokèmon too^_^

    My favorite Pokèmon Trainer is Dawn(ヒカリ/Hikari).
  5. Those are all very nice pokemon I like cute pokemon best ^_^

    I like the pokemon anime too.

    Yes, d/p is awesome Dawn is a great female lead ^_^
  6. I like Sylveon too.

    And I like Shaymin, Kyogre, Espeon, Glaceon and so on.

    I love Latias

    I watch the pokèmon anime.

    Diamond and Pearl(ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド&パール) is one of the best anime.
  7. It's hard to choose just one fav 'cuz there's so many awesome ones XD Though lucario and sylveon both seem to appeal to me a lot i guess. And the new pokemon Marshadow I'm guessing you like latias best?

    Do you also watch the pokemon anime? I love the anime ^_^
  8. I hope we can be friends too. What's your favorite Pokèmon?
  9. Oh wow! You're Japanese! Amazing! It's such an honer to meet a japanese person on this forum~*curtsy* I just like japan a ton!!!
  10. I'm also a pokemon fan! A big pokemon fan, in fact XD Welcome to sanriotown! I hope we can be friends ^_^
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