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  1. Uh...ok
  2. Wanna check out my tagboard?
  3. I'll e-mail you the blog right now I just hope my language is good...
  4. Soo, a Tohou fan, I see? That game looks awesome and great^^
  5. I'll see what I am do.
  6. santa123fawr:If you don't know how to take me to your blog,can't you link it in your signature?
  7. There should be an icon on the top of the page that say's 'check mail'. Click it...then there should be an option to 'compose mail' when you get in. When it ask's for an e-mail address, type in mine, then type in your subject, then type in your message. I have no idea if this helped at all but good luck.
  8. Santa123fawr:How do i email you?
  9. I'm not sure XD Sorry
  10. santa123fawr:Can you tell me how to get to your blog?
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