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  1. Hi!
    Are you ready to go on HKO?
    US/C Or International?
  2. School is out for me too!
  3. Hiiiiiiiiiii! SCHOOL IS OUT FOR MEH! :3 Loljealous? I'm gonna ask fo a bunch of SC on MSP Can you buy my new Berryleaf outfit?
  4. Swim I mean XD
  5. Nice I'm on a sim team XD
  6. I swim too! Well.. in the summer I do. In my backyard we have a swimming pool. I will start swimming in it again probably in June, when it gets warmer.
  7. lol its sooo cute! it looks like a cat with a raccoon tail
  8. Btw look at my warrior licky!
  9. Between 4-5 Depending on the day,
    I have swim Wednesday and Friday and Lacrosse on Tuesday :/
    They all dont end until 5 or 6 so my time range is around 4-6 a'clock
  10. I usually go on at 4:00. Sometimes I go on early, 3:00 because I finish my hw quickly.
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