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  1. Its so much fun to weird people out.;3
    I like to sing funny songs.Songs that make people say "What the heck is she singing?".
  2. Yeaa I know what you mean. As much as I love to sing though it's only a hobby. Especially when I can sing loud and horrible on purpose, because then people look at me funny and I'm just having a grand ol' time :3
  3. I don't really do instruments that take all the air out of you.
    I used to watch my cousin play his flute or clarinet or something,im not sure what it was exactly,but it looked painful just watching him try to read the notes play the right thingy and it seems like to me that you also have to focus on not passing out.
    I cant sing so that's out of the question.I only really like to sing sometimes and I am not even really singing then.
  4. I know how to play Hot Cross Buns on the recorder!

    Lol, I've never really been into instruments, I've always been into vocals and singing.
  5. Yeah,right now my mom is trying to sort out everything so I can take piano lessons and my sister can take violin.I had a book that teaches you how to play but it doesn't explain how to do things very well and I have a bunch of questions but you cant ask a book questions,now can you?:b
    The coolest part is that the place I am going to learn at is going to have me practice on a real piano and not a keyboard.
    Do you know any instruments?
  6. Oh? Piano?
  7. Sounds pretty cool to have such a cool thing at your fingertips.
    Perhaps one day I will have magic at my fingertips.If I ever manage to learn to play piano of course.
  8. Lol, coding used to suck for me too. I only understood small parts of it like how to center text and what not. But there's a whole shlew of things you can do with only a few keyboard clicks and it's pretty amazing :3
  9. I am no good at that whole coding thing.
    When I do stuff like that I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if its something else.
    Yeah I do like the white.It kind of matches the lightning.
    My sister said I should leave it white too.
  10. I take it you liked the white text :3

    And HTML coding is just the coding to make websites look so pretty and organized. And color codes are those numbers and letters (The #xxxxxx format) that make a color and to find them you just have to know the red blue and green shades in a color.
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