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  1. You're acting more normal now. ^.^
  2. Reply to your response to the blog post:

    Woah, it's not letting you comment? Lol, that's weird. XD

    I missed chu too! >.< (did "chu" instead of "you" intentionally)

    Dang~ I just... have the worst time-management skills. T^T
    Eh, I see... Good luck on your original story! ^.^b
    Well, you could always send me a PM on Fanfiction. I would answer it, of course! XD

    More serious!? O.o
    What. I thought the most change was how I talk or the emotes. Although I still use "O.O", "O.o" "-_-'", "^.^" "^.^'", "XD", and definitely, "Lol".
    I still use "Lol XD" a lot of times. XD

    The seriousness? Well, I think I got that from typing up Roleplay posts in a serious tone.. ^.^'
    Might have accidentally brought that here. Whoopsies!
  3. Response to your most recent blog post since it's not letting me comment there:

    Eek, I could never imagine going inactive from Sanrio Town! If I went inactive, my inbox would overflow and I would not respond to several people's messages... I think this would be the site that I would be least likely to go inactive from.

    I've missed you! I thought you might have disappeared off the face of the Earth! >.<

    I play about ten games, and still log onto Sanrio Town, so I think you can be active here and on other sites too. I log onto FanFiction.Net and FictionPress almost every day. ^.^ I am on FanFiction.Net a lot too. But I've actually been more active on FictionPress, because I've been writing a story that's actually become very popular and it's cool to actually be getting so many reviews!

    Changed? Actually, you do sound a little different. More serious or something maybe?
  4. Yeah, if you like FanFiction at some point you will go through a phase in which you are way more obsessed with it than usual and you will spend all day reading it. It's a fact of life. *nods*

    Math face... kawaii... O.O Kawaii math... Math + kawaii = kawaii math! *gasps*

    The ramen cake tastes just like ramen... except... more cakey.

    Recently I've been using chopsticks for all my meals. You know what's hardest to eat? Rice. It takes forever since there are all those little grains...
  5. I wonder what FluffyTail's ramen cake tastes like..

    Hm, I can use them a little bit, but I'm not skilled at it. I can use it with only my right hand, but for the difficult-to-pick-up food, I just go ahead and stab it with one chopstick or just go grab a fork or spoon.

    Oh, no, the evil homework! O.O Interesting, the coordinates (0,0) (aka origin) do look like a face.

    I haven't been on SanrioTown lately. I've been obsessed with >.<
  6. Ooh, ramen cake! Awesome! ^.^

    Hey Alina-chan, do you know how to eat with chopsticks? Today I used them to eat lunch. It wasn't as difficult as I thought! But annoyingly, I can't pick up the chopsticks and adjust my hold using only my right hand. O.o

    Oh, and I was doing some evil homework and there was some stuff with coodinate grids. Isn't it interesting that the coordinates (0,0) look like a face? *blink blink*
  7. Oops, just scratch that and put Ana-chan on the cake instead. :3
  8. FluffyTail: Ana-chan-sama's birthday passed!? How come Alina-sama hasn't told me this?

    Me: Uh, I was kinda busy... Eh heh heh...

    FluffyTail: O.O Busy? So busy that you forgot our friend's birthday?

    Me: '^_^'; Uh... well..

    FluffyTail: It's been a long time since I made an appearance. *starts drum rolling* Tah dah! Here's ramen cake! It's your favorite, too!

    Me: Ramen... cake?

    FluffyTail: It's what I call ramen shaped into a cake.

    Me: O.o Yum!
  9. I just noticed the cake says "Trisha". O.o
  10. Ooh, nice cake! ^.^ Arigatou!

    Oh, you did? Thanks. ^^ Is some of the right side of the pic on that page cut off or is it just on my screen?
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