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  1. Looks like I'm NOT the only one who noticed that everyone lower than Rank B was blocked.
  2. You know the question I asked in the previous post? You can forget about that one. I created one in Broa after I remembered that you had a Battle Mage there. Yesterday I went to a trip, and I got dizzy. I couldn't really concentrate on what I was thinking...

    I actually made a Wild Hunter instead. I realize that I like Magicians AND Bowmen. I have to worry about running out of arrows (Mercedes doesn't have to worry about that), but other than that, it's pretty interesting. Well, the Resistance is interesting, anyways.
  3. Lol, street sweepers?

    I'm also more of a solo player. However, if someone invites me to a party, then I'll probably accept their invitation.

    I forgot to tell you this, but I think I can fight Treglow now. I felt like doing other quests before fighting Treglow, since you and Momoko-chan had a hard time doing him solo. I'm on the quest where it says to test out the chemical potion. I haven't fought him yet, though.

    I said I was planning to create some Resistance characters, but I don't even know which world to put them in. I think I might save Windia for future classes. Any suggestions?
  4. Oh yes, the Resistance storyline is interesting. Speaking of sweepers, my brother usually calls battle mages sweepers. XD Once he asked "What level is your street sweeper?". XD

    I don't mind if Windia is more popular. ^_^ I'm fine in Broa. To be honest, I'm more of a solo player. 0.0 Most of the bosses I fought were done without help of other people. Well, on my I/L, I was worked with friends since I (and my friends) had trouble. Let's see...
    My I/L soloed: Prime Minister. Gigatoad, Eliza, Neo City bosses, Marbas, Tae Roon, Nine Tailed Fox, Silent Crusade bosses (of course), King Sage cat, Monster Park Extreme and the first boss of Ellin Forest.
    My Luminous soloed: The bosses at Mushroom Kingdom, Xerxes, Silent Crusade bosses, Gigatoad.
    My Kanna soloed: Mushroom Kingdom bosses, Silent Crusade, the one at Golden Beach, Xerxes, Gigatoad, Monster Park Extreme, the first boss of Ellin Forest.
  5. I tried out the evolution system, and I saw the Resistance members in their hideout. They certainly look interesting.

    I mean, who would expect a doctor to be the Resistance's leader, a police officer to be the Wild Hunter Instructor, a person in a teddy bear costume handing out balloons to children to be the Mechanic Instructor, and a janitor or sweeper to be the Battle Mage Instructor?

    I think the storyline looks interesting. I might try out one of the classes, but I have no idea what world to put them in.

    Oh, and I think Windia's a bit more popular than Broa. The bars that show how many people were in each channel were fuller...
  6. Yep, exactly why Luminous does a LOT of damage. Battle Mages are actually fun to play with. ^_^ My battle mage is already level 60 (at this moment.) The Resistance characters have an interesting storyline...but a bit dark...(since Battle Mages' element is pun intended!), I'm not telling why since it's going to give spoilers. Oh yeah, I chose Broa because well, I was about to pick Scania but since it's really crowded...
  7. When the Luminous that invited me to Monster Park Extreme (I mentioned him before) attacked, there were SO many numbers! 0.0 I decided to take some screenshots of it.

    Yes, I knew about creating characters on other worlds. They're like the servers in HKO, except that they have channels and HKO doesn't. I'm thinking of creating all my Resistance characters on another world. 1 Battle Mage, 1 Wild Hunter, and either a Xenon or Demon.

    Btw, I remember you said you chose Bera because your brothers chose that world. What was the reason for choosing Broa for your Battle Mage?
  8. Yep! I wonder what the storyline is. Hmm....I see. You can click on the thing that automatically adds INT.

    Yeah... Luminous are probably overpowered because of big columns of numbers. @_@ Nexon should fix that, I mean, balanced classes anyone? ^_^; To be honest, I DON'T even care if I'm playing with an overpowered class. I care about fun too!

    Did you know that you create characters on other worlds? It's true! I just created a character on Broa but don't worry! I will still be on Bera. (I created a Battle Mage on Broa.)
  9. Congratulations on reaching 4th job on your Kanna! (That was really quick. 0.o)
  10. Yeah, I heard about RED. I think the Bowmen are already revamped, too, if I'm not mistaken. I also heard that the Explorers are getting storylines in RED, too!

    I forgot to tell you that I deleted CrystalAlina when I created my Luminous, because I kinda messed up by putting points in LUK, which I found out was useless because the secondary stat requirements for equipment had been removed when Tempest came out, and there's no storyline.

    Yeah, Luminous is a bit OP (overpowered). A Luminous invited me to a party when I was doing Monster Park Extreme. That's when I noticed that they do quite a large amount of damage (probably not as much as Kaiser or Angelic Buster). It takes a Luminous to defeat the toad in Sakura Castle 1 or 2 minutes?! I think it took my lvl 90-ish Kanna more time that to defeat it...

    Honestly, I don't really care about how much damage Kanna can do, though. As long as I'm having fun (which I am), I'm satisfied! I mean, that's whole point of a game, right? ;D
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