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  1. Im moving i kind of do but kind of dont

    i do because i get my own room
    but i dont because i wont see my friends as often
  2. oh u little dog
  3. you sucker from your pall
  4. i got the moves
  5. hi i can post messages cant ha ha ha from your best pall
  6. hi hi hi hi hi
  7. if you come online could you send me a message thnx
  8. she cant the doctor said she has to eat had crunchy stuff to scrape of any infections from the back of her throat and shes not aloud out for 3 weeks why is life not fair lol
    i wont be on later as my friend debbie is coming over i cant wait shes a new friend and has never been to my house before im sooooooooooooooooooo excited
  9. shes had it done hurray for her
  10. thnx cutecat i think she is proud of herself i just wish she would call me i gave her my number but she hasnt called me
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