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  1. Not very good, honestly.
  2. How are yah
  3. Hiya! ^^ Nice to see you again.
  4. hi ana-chan long time no see
  5. Thanks!
  6. aw thanks,,,I love your profile too ,,its so colorful ,,,
  7. Your profile is really cute!
  8. Hope to see you too! ^^
  9. Aw ok thanks Ana-chan ^^ i hope i can see you in international server
  10. Well I play whenever I have time pretty much. Sunday I play almost all day because there's no school. Wednesday I play for just an hour or so in the last afternoon/evening. Friday I play for about three hours after school. But sometimes I might be busy with other things so I can't promise I'll always be on at these times. Oh, I'm in the US Central timezone btw.

    Unlike on US/Canada, I still have quests left on International, so I wouldn't usually help players on that server, but it depends. What is it specifically that you need help with? If it's a quest, tell me the name of it so I can look it up.

    As for commenting on my blog, click on the title of the post you want to comment on so that you go to that post's page, and there should be a comment box under the post. Some users have reported having trouble posting on my blog, but others can do it just fine, oddly... If you can't comment logged in, if you log out you could try that way (just let me know who you are, lol).
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