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  1. Haven't heard that but I think I have it on my old computer.
  2. I like it. My favorite Aphex remix, though, is of Heroes by David Bowie.
  3. What do you think about Richard's Hairpiece (Remix By Aphex Twin) by Beck?
  4. Did you type anything NSFW in before hand?
  5. Google safe search is bad to me. Always blocks out some safe stuff I'm looking for and makes it hurt for me to find some songs by lyric.
  6. I can't remember what I searched, but it was some common everyday word and Google Images gave me a bunch of Pokemon fanart that... let's just say I was surprised that safesearch didn't block it.
  7. Google is weird like that I guess. I looked up Blur milky and found this (Note this is a re-upload I did).
  8. Shocking indeed.
  9. I'm shocked I found it by typing radiohead facebook timeline cover.
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