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  1. Okay.
    I suppose so!
    I didn't get to see my big brother for Christmas, that's what I want for Christmas the most.T~T
    I might be seeing him in June~~ I really hope so!
  2. There are some boys, they're just...hidden.

    Yeah at least they like My Little Pony

    I still don't understand what's so 'bad' about Hello Kitty, though...'gender stuff' really does confuse me x_x;

    But lets drop this subject now.

    Did you have a nice holidays? I did^^
  3. Yeah, too bad there is no boys.
    But I suppose most boys would like My Little Pony over Sanrio.
  4. It does look like neko yeah.
  5. I still wish Sanriotown had more boy members.

    Espesally with my Autism, I don't understand why boys aren't into Sanrio as much. Espesally since I don't really see what's to dislike about it much...It looks cheerful and stuff?
  6. Oh that's nice.
    Sometimes, people tell me that 'Nico' is a boy's name. But I like my name, because it sounds like 'Neko' that means 'Cat' in Japanese. c:
  7. I think it sound's firmilier cuz I have a friend called Katsu Koneko and she like's anime a lot too XD
  8. Yes, I would love to become friends with you,~^ ^"
    Oh! How does my name seem familiar?
  9. Your name seem's SOOOO firmilier! Wanna be friends? I'd like that lots!^^
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