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  1. Hey ! yeah.. its also been awhile since we last chatted. didnt on much in sanrio nowadays . so.. sorry ><
  2. Hello, its bein a while since I visited your page.
  3. Yesh ,Tokyo Disneyland.
  4. Did you mean Tokyo Disneyland?
  5. Lets just hope everything is alright. When im young, i wish to go to Japan to see Sakura Blossom and go disneyland Yesterday i read my newspaper, it said one of the thing in the disneyland had been crash.
  6. Don't forget to mention about the voice actors of Sanrio like Ikue Ōtani who does the voice of Pikachu and Cinnamoroll!!I really hope Ikue Ōtani is ok back there!
  7. I wish that Sanrio or Ninetendo had not gone! Their effort will be wasted if they're gone just because of the earthquake, everybody will be so heartache about it. As well as anime
  8. Thanks! i love your icon and profile picture! your cinnamon is loved by me too <3
  9. I love your icon!
  10. Mostly is in International. I can't on much this year :/ sorry .
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