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  1. elo just dropped in to say hi!
  2. hahaha yes, well I can see it working both ways too, hahaha :]
  3. well i'm a fan of Emmett n Daphne o_O
    lol. They're meant 4 each other!!!<3
    although it's sweet they do make it work!
  4. hey! sorry I hadnt checked my messages in a while, hahaha but back to Switched at Birth... hmmm, idk...I think I'm more of a fan of Emmett and Bay. I like how even though they are so different, they try hard to make it work.. :] What about you?
  5. omg yes, I love it!
    Are u a fan of Emmett and Bay or Daphne and Emmett?
  6. Hmm..I haven't been up to much lately really...just enjoying the rest of summer!

    P.S. I see you have an icon of Switched at Birth? I like that show! :]
  7. haha thx? Lol. So what have U been up to?
  8. nice! I hope you get what you want! :]
  9. nice :]
    on my list I have some books, some clothing from Hot Topic, and HP7 tickets! I really wanna go see it!
  10. hahah oooh nice! what's on your list? For mine, I went out to dinner..opened some gifts, hahaha...not much since I had work the next day, hehe..but this weekend we are actually celebrating it with family and friends, so it should be fun! :]
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