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  1. Awww. That suxx!
  2. I only come on now to check my email. I dont have time with school to go on the forums
  3. G!
    where ru?!??!!
  4. lol ik what ur profile pic is now!!! It's Tohru Honda!
    I started reading Furuba! Haha, I love Shigure <3
    miss you!
  5. lol i haven't been on much either :P
  6. Hey, yeah i havent been on in awhile. ive been really busy and dont spend much time on the computer but hopefully i will find time to visit sanriotown
  7. G, where you be?? LOL XD
    but seriously, where ru?? It's lonelyyyy here!
  8. I was a big fan of the books but i dont think the movies were made as well as they could have been. My boy friends sister met Stephenie Meyer
  9. RUA twilight fan???
  10. I did too!!! it was so sad in the book and the movie. dobby is so sweet
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