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    Pika,Pika,Pikachu,Where are you??
  2. Bye Santa.

    Visit me at my New acount: mo_mo_mo_mo!
  3. Kk.

    Bye Santa!
    PS: I want to learn decimals for X-Mas XD
  4. (by the way, yeah, its spelled Espeon )
  5. ....It sounds like people didn't like a post of your's and reported you, or...something.... confusing. o_O;; I still am not sure what you did wrong....

    Maybe i'll ask the admin here about it sometime....

    Right now i'm gonna go to bed, though.

    Take care
  6. Thats weird. 0.0; Your a member, right? Did you do something wrong?...I'll go see whats going on right now....

    Keep your hooves on the ground now^^;;; We'll get to the bottom of this, hopefully! 8-)

  7. Santa!

    They're NOT lettign me post in your group espeton!!!!I think that's hopw you spell it!
  8. I'll try not to as long as i'm not given a reason to XD Take care now^^
  9. Don't worry 'bout my sucky life.
  10. Nah,don't aorry about my sucky life.*Yawn*
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