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  1. Hi, thanks. I hope you've been well. :3

    I'm pretty sure every place has their dramatic people, unfortunately. Hopefully it'll blow over soon though.
  2. If you want we can talk through e-mail now...but only if you wanna (I wouldn't just talk to you to use you or anything but i'd understand if woif wouldn't be comphertable with it due to your possable expiriences here and all..soo yeah it's probably best we don't xD; plus i have issues, too...and sometimes i forget myself about them too X_X;; even though i've been trying to control it better lately. lol..).

    Yeah, lets...not start talking through e-mail. At least I am honest about having issues...

    There are nice people here, though. But...yeah...there are also people that can be a bit dramatic and stuff. Your best bet is probably to listen to wiofkin. xD; Sometimes the drama can be a bit much for me, too (at least people have been a bit more civilized on pokemon forums)...

    But anyways. I hope you had a nice Easter^^ take care~
  3. Hello, how are you?

    Aww, i'll miss you if you leave sanriotown... take care
  4. Her name is Dawn, but, she isn't on the show anymore, sadly. I miss her, she was only on during the Sinnoh series and now i doubt she'll be back. I don't like Iris.. And, yes, Ash Ketchum is still as obsessed as ever. xD; He really does get old lol...

    They replace girls like EVERY new genoration now, sadly xD''
  5. Oh really? I didn't recognize her. Actually, I don't really watch pokemon much. XD Is Ash still doing pokemon?
  6. Feel free to tell me some of your favorites

    By the way, like what I did to my account? That girl is from pokemon^^
  7. Yeah, you did send it. I've only read through a couple, though.
  8. i did send it? i don't remember XD; Did you have a favorite dream in there?
  9. Right, you've sent it to me before, that was why I asked.
  10. I DO keep a dream journal! Online! I should e-mail you the url sometime, you'd love it. Due to my autism confusions, though, I put the 'natural disaters' dream on 'friends only', though. But you can read other dreams
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