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  1. How old were you? She musta been your first crush I bet!

    I think my brother's first crush was on Misty. He didn't seem to obsess over her like he did with May, though.
  2. I was a big dawn fanboy in 2007

    Talked about her to my sister/family a lot
  3. I know. Soo awesome, that dawn is^^ I watched pokemon just the other day by the way it was fun
  4. Dawn in the background is FTW

    The new series is starting soon if you still watch the anime
  6. It really looks well in the background
  7. Dawn cheering FOR THE WIN
  8. I'm glad he isn't leaving afterall. I mean, it's weird to see only one gender around here, 'typical' or not D: I mean, sheesh, it's just cute things....not meaning to offend anyone, but.....

    I'm gonna see your posts now ^_^;

    Read my other comment too Okay?^^

  9. Oh it was just me commenting on how cute your profile looks with the my-melody (thats her name if you didn't know already ) pictures XD;

    The reason why I deleted it by the way was pretty much so you could see the forum help comment better.

    Good luck getting a good avatar if you've figured it out! You'll have to use a small one, though. Soo your profile picture won't work as an avatar here, thought i'd mension that^^
  10. okay and what was the deleted message about?
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