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  1. okay and what was the deleted message about?
  2. By the way, people can be weird soo i'm calling Sanriotown 'ST forums' on bulbagarden okay?..I don't wanna be attacked by feminists just cuz I see nothing bad in Hello Kitty, unlike maybe them X_x; ahh...
  3. I like how you edited your profile Do you like my N and Zoroa avatar?
  4. Do you mean like profile picture?

    I think you need to press 'send private message'. Then, you can access profile setting on the left hand corner. Like "change avatar" and "change profile picture" or "change signature" and stuff.

    Changing the profile picture uhh I think there was an option for that too. I hope this helped!
  5. how do you change your picture?
  6. Yes i like how you edited your account
  7. Do you like how I edited my account? I made it Pokémon and Santa theme!! You should try going for a Rainbow Dash one! If you want to Do you know how to edit the colors?
  8. *adds you to my buddies now * Weeee!^^

    *add's more text to get this message in*
  9. TYLER!!!! *glomp's you* Soo glad you joined up and got a Hello Kitty e-mail of your own!^^ I wish more boys would join this place..XD; But, at least your a good first (actually, 3rd. PsychoBoy and Chaos Virus are also boys! I don't know who else is though)! Hello Kitty is too cute to deney anyways.

    Merry Christmas and this has got to be one of my best days ever now.

    Even after I felt bad about my starter choice on pokemon white XD; (maybe i'll restart sometime..)
  10. i don't know why i made a account here but i did
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