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  1. Yup. I was originally making chicken salad waffles, but that's much more difficult to make. I beat the fierce komodo lizard once already, but I didn't get the item I needed.

    Thanks. ☺☻☺
  2. You use tokens to get the pizza ingredients and Pochi sells the guides about making pizza. ^_^ I'll be guessing you're getting ready to fight the Fierce Komodo Lizard? If so, good luck!
  3. How do you use the pizza ingredients you get from the capsule machine? Do you need to get one of each and then you can somehow get a pizza or something?
  4. Oh yes, I love studying! It helps me learn and get better at subjects!
  5. I noticed on your About Me you said you like studying. You really like studying? That seems unusual, lol.
  6. Thanks!

  7. Lol I happened to look at 'Today's Birthdays' for once and noticed it was your birthday!

    So happy birthday! ☺
  8. Whenever I blog on Nicotto Town, my blog is in Japanese, and the spell check says the Japanese is not spelled right... because it's only set to spell check English. I tried changing that to recognize Japanese as a different language, but Japanese is not an available language for spell check. -_-'. So I tried to turn off the spell check, but even though I did that, it's still spell checking... weird.

    Wait... no... apparently it isn't... I just typed some nonsense and it didn't get underlined! I do want spell check though, I just don't want it to say my Japanese is 'not a word'... It should understand that I'm typing in Japanese because I have Japanese input settings on my computer so that I can type Japanese.
  9. Yeah, Beijing quests are easier than NY. Yes, you have to gather materials and fight strong creatures but cheering penguins for like over 1000 times? D:

    Good luck with the group. ^_^ Spell check? Yes, I have spell check. Well, 'lol' and 'hehe' is spelled wrong because.... maybe the spell check doesn't recognize (uh...recognise?) those two words. ^^;
  10. I'm finally able to access my PM inbox! I got my browser updated and now I can get to pages I couldn't access before. So I finally own the Magical Pets group! Yay!

    The display is kinda weird though... woah! I have a spell checker apparently now... It says 'kinda' and 'woah' and spelled wrong... lol.

    It says 'lol' is spelled wrong too! Eek!

    It's like Microsoft Word... Does your browser do spell check?

    Well now the display is kinda messed up and your avatar pic looks funny... It's all sideways! :P

    I hope I'll be able to get used to this... hehe.

    'Hehe' is apparently spelled wrong too! :O

    I'm bored so I'm sorta just blabbering... My grammar must be really terrible because it keeps saying I'm spelling things wrong... it has terrible grammar! lol.

    Okay bye now.
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