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  1. I know, right? >.< I'm actually feeling really tired today... *yawns* It's been a busy day, meeting the teachers and getting a new schedule and all that stuff.

    I'm glad that you replied to that, though. At least I know I'm not the only one upset about summer flying away and school starting right after it ends! Thanks! ^.^
  2. I can feel your pain. School started for me on august 9th.
  3. Congratulations on becoming a Senior Member, Lidie-chan! (^.^)b
  4. Oh yeah, there are a lot of inappropriate stuff on I guess the website trusts anyone 13 or older to know what they can or can't read.
  5. No, I didn't. When I was looking around, I saw a lot of inappropriate stuff on there. My mom didn't let me anyway. :/
  6. Oh, I see... Did you make an account?
  7. It's free, but It requires you to be 13 & older since some content is inappropriate for anyone younger than that.
  8. I'm not sure, since I haven't made a fanfiction account yet. I pretty sure it's free, though. Try it out!

    If you find out that it's free, be sure to tell me what your username is! ^.^
  9. Is free? I wouldn't like to pay for anything. >.<
  10. I used to like My Little Pony, but now I'm just not interested in it anymore. O.O There's a movie coming out? I'm probably not going to watch it, but it's nice to know that! ^.^
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