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  1. HEYY!! school started for meh like 2 weeks ago so i dont get on da computer besides on da weekends and for homework on weekdays (like i will tomorrow cuz i blew da assignment off until a day before its due XD)
    im doin fine but meh summer vacation is over ... It was fun while it lasted tho
  2. Hey, Zix! (^_^) Yeah, indeed, it was a long time... I don't have much time recently. =( But anyway, I'm fine, hope you're, too! =D Have a nice summer! ^^
  3. Long time no see Lumee!! How are you??
  4. Haha late reply but ure welcome!!!!
  5. Happy Birthday Lumee!!
  6. lolz it kk and thanks
  7. lumee accept my friend request
    btw it zix
  8. You're signature and avatar are just adorable ^^ - Zix
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