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  1. Thank you for joining my Pikachu Club!!

    *gives you a pika hat*
  2. o__o.
    Ookay? XD
  3. Oh nooo...

    I started to regress again, this time on sanriotown.


    Really. No more regressing, i should like being the 'bad' lady who does what she likes. :P
  4. uhhh intelligent to think what? o.o I have no idea what you are talking about?! You're starting a conversation I don't know about. . .
  5. Apperently i'm still inteligent enouth to think that...

    Nothing agenst you, don't worry.

    Please take care.

    And I am NOT trying to hurt you. At all. Believe what you want, but i'm not...
  6. You have no IDEA how sorry I feel right now...

    I'll try not to joke soo time...

    Please feel better...

    Maybe being happy is bad afterall.
  7. I do need to be a bit honist though.

    I'm glad i'm on good terms with mom nows...(long story. i won't get into it. but please dont start worrying over it cuz you got it REAL good, gal!!!)
  8. Isn't he cute! I still wish I was more into him when I was younger I guess...but aww....

    Not all my memories of him are happy though. I just rather let the past go...I feel i can relate to the little guy anyways.

    *pokes his pink belly* xD;;
  9. I'm still here
    School started back for for me, so I've been busy with that. I love your Kirby blowing kissy's at everyone x3
  10. Keep on being a sweet friend to everyone you know now!^^

    We can chat too if you like. Thats up to ya =)
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