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  1. I wonder if you like my Kirby avatar?

    I like how he blows kisses at everyone XD
  2. I miss your posting in the game board!!lolXD

    I hope you've been well^^ I've been pretty good today, myself.<3;

    And Hello Kitty looks as cute as ever x);
  3. A girly parasol xD

    I always liked ccs a lot, sue me x) Glad ya like it though!!^^
  4. You changed it, AGAIN! XD
    waii, i liked miku D: ...
    But this was is cute too! BTW, what is she holding?
  5. I have the 'reminder' in my signature now.

    Yeah, that wasn't all too hard...

  6. I need to see that anime sometime. I hear its funny anyways XD
  7. Haha thank you. But it's actually from Hetalia, and she's the female version of Italy. (I have a huuuge love for that show )
  8. Your welcome. Your avatar looks like Ariel from The Little Mermaid^^ She's also very pretty..
  9. Thank you. I love your Hatsune Miku picture~~<3
  10. Thanks. That mean's a lot to me..

    I didn't know any better since I was used to words like that anyways. xD; yeah...i'll try to use 'cool' or 'awesome' instead next time Simular enouth definitions XD

    BTW...Happy 4th of July!^^
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