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  1. also, happy belated birthday
  2. hey! it's been awhile. i wonder if you remember me? i hope you've been well!!
  3. i saw that you were on yesterday~ sad that i didn't get a chance to speak with you D: i miss chu <3

    how have you been? everythin okay?
  4. awwies<33333. i really really REALLY am sorry for not getting online as much. i'm going to make a Yahoo IM account soon for you guys so you can email/im with me. good idea? ^u^ thanks for the happy easter.. happy late easter to you, too!^__^ actually, i didn't get any easter candy, lol. instead my grandma gave me $100 to go to the mall with!!! ^0^ i bought some really neat stuff. ^__^ i'll try to get on again sometime tonight to talk to you, and give you my Yahoo account too. =3 take care.
  5. Happy Easter my little pink sweeeetie.. <333 I hope you didn't eat too much candy!!^^;; sorry xmas wasn't too great...but i'm glad to hear from you again ^_^ i'm always glad to hear from you ^_^
  6. santa! -hugs- ^_^ thanks for the christmas wishes. unfortunately it wasnt all that great.. -sweat drop- i dont really want to talk about it. anyways, i hope you've been okay. ive missed you, and everyone else here. unfortunately i cant come on as much as i used to, but i can try and check every once in awhile. hope youre okay. ^o^
  7. I hope you've been very happy today! And your parents and sibblings and whole family, too!
  8. Merry Christmas to Rawr! My rhyme!
  9. Keep on smiling! I hope to hear from your again soon that was fun

    Enjoy your time with grandma too!^^
  10. i'll talk to you later, i have to go. my grandma has company over and she wants me to meet them. til next time my dear friend. -bows- XD. buhbye^^
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