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  1. Happy Birthday!
  2. Please tell me you0re still around, sweetheart.

    I miss my friends.

    Getting kind of lonely around here.
  3. Another foreign film fan, huh?

    It's always good to have some variety in one's life. I quite like watching what's up with most epople.

    I love Spanish cinema. I swear one of my faves films is Valentina. Ah, the cuteness.
  4. ~*Merry Christmas!*~
  5. True.

    Which is also why I like experimental cinema. For some time I've been meaning to see this French animated film called Persepolis, which is the screen adaptation of a graphic novel whose authoress grew up during the Iranian Cultural Revolution, and I heard it's really good. My dad hunted it down for me, but I've never really made the time until now.

    Oh, I loved Perfect Blue. It's "mirror-scenes" (you know, the ones where the actress sees her alter-ego's on reflective surfaces) are wayyy creepier than Black Swan.
  6. Yeah, but lots of successful blockbusters get pretty overrated nowadays.

    I think one of the things I like the most about their films is how they maintain the internal consistency. I mean, any new elements usually get introduced at the beginning, or just about after the middle started, so no dei ex machina galore.

    And now I feel sad about my ridiculously low standards for films I like...
  7. Hmmm, really? A fellow non-Disney fan?

    I gues they left their golden time behind. Now's Marvel's! Although they don't produce masterpieces, but they do print money like it grows on trees or something.

    Yeah, I know. I just cleared my inbox. I almost never use PMs because I've found that I tend to get really long-winded and a single PM isn't enough for the conversation I end up having with my friends

    I've heard. Considering Burgess' book, it's to be expected, really.
  8. Your Welcome
  9. After a long series of complciated events, I've made the firm commitment of dropping by sanriotown at least once a week.

    Also, I hate Frozen. Seriously, I could go on a rant about that film. It's an irrational, sort of rational hate, though xD

    A Clockwork Orange? Interesting. I would like to see the film. I've read the book by Burgess, though. Good stuff. I love sci-fi films.

    As a matter of fact, my favourite science fiction film would be Enemy Mine, closely followed by Gattaca. good stuff, good stuff xD

    Although don't get put off by the sci-fi! I'll watch any genre, so I like to think of myself as well-versed when it comes to films xD Although I seriously prefer animated films of any kind. Maybe it's because of the sheer breadth of aesthetics and concepts you can carry with them. Mind you, not necessarily kids' stuff. I wouldn't call the classic Akira kiddie stuff!
  10. I like it when your avatar dances ^.^

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