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  1. I can still fit into them, but have retired a few shirts over the years, due to their age or just being worn out.

    Guys don't usually shave their legs, but I have very little hair on mine.

    My dad once whistled at my legs, when I was going around the house in a shirt years ago. This is the same man who asked if I was pregnant and suggested that my sister & I get married so he can have more grandkids.

    He writes these letters that no one cares about, and has been trying to get me & my sister on his insurance, despite us being way over 18. My mom says to ignore the letters, but the recent ones were copies that he sent to the state and hospital. Long story.
  2. tbh, guy clothes tend to have designs that girls clothes don't happen to have. Sometimes, true the other way around.
    My mother sometimes pesters me about buying new clothes, like I really need any.

    I've been growing out my hair since 2000. Had it cut a few times, but it usually grew back. Its still trying to regrow the length I had at the beginning of this year.
  3. Yeah, I've been really busy too. Lots of studying... Is HKO still alive? Haven't played it in forever, lol.
  4. Its a bit complicated.

    It feels awkward wearing guy shirts now. When I was growing up, it felt awkward with some of the guy clothes and the people I was with.

    It takes a long time to grow long hair, no matter how short it is. My brother always get his cut short, and I used to get mine short years ago. Strangely, my mother had long hair back in the 70s, and now she has it short.
  5. Hi! How are you? I haven't talked to you in so long, lol. ^^
  6. Its a long story of the trans thing.

    I do have boy clothes, but mostly shirts. I've stretched out the collar of them by using my hands to carefully stretch them to the point of not tearing them apart.

    I had gotten mistaken for a girl with my long hair, as I do not have any facial hair, nor do I want any.
  7. My father: "Why don't you and Chrissy (sister) get married, so I can have more grandchildren?" My brother won't be having kids at all, due to his mental condition.

    There's 2 kinds of transgender. One is partial, as where you go back to your birth gender, and don't always remain as the other gender. Mostly seen as tomboys, just wanting to fit in.
    Full transgender doesn't really return to their birth gender, but they might if they wish.

    TBH, girls clothes fit better than boys clothes.

    A book titled, There's a Girl In My Hammerlock, isn't a trans story, but a girl that joined the boys wrestling team. Strangely, cheerleading originally wasn't for females.

    This irks me when they don't respond. The other support teams I contact do respond quickly.
  8. Adopting is more problematic anyway. Then there's the parents who want grandchilldren. My sister and I have yet to do so, but we're better off single. The other sister, is married with 2 kids of her own. I've distanced myself from the family for many reasons.

    It was another word for gender, but this site is too restrictive on things.

    I contacted sanriotown support using my yahoo emaiil, but nothing so far. Might have to try the sanrio digital support email.
  9. That depends on your reproductive system. Not every woman can give birth, but its up to the doctor to determine that.
    A friend of mine told me that his wife couldn't have kids, then she had two of them. Had no more since, and I met both kids by accident.

    You hear more and more about people being LGBT compared to a year ago. And not everyone is trans, they just prefer to be the opposite ************.

    The email certificate issue everyone having is worse than HKO not letting you log in. I haven't tried to bypass the error on firefox, and I don't want to risk it. Besides, I have alternate email accounts set up.
  10. I'm sure your sister got told the same thing. Plus not everyone can have kids or get married.

    I'm tired of how out of hand the LGBT stuff is. Even I'm somewhat trans, but no one really knows.
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