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  1. Long story. But I can't stand the job for too long. Either, I'm way too tired or just that they no longer need me.

    You just hope your parents don't expect you to get married and have kids of your own. My sister & I have yet to do that, but we have other things to do, than settle down.

    I sometimes talk to people about the gender stereotype, and they do hate it.. For a bit of time, I did play with barbies that my sisters left behind. Later gave it all, including the dollhouse to a cousin. Strangely, I saw a recent dollhouse at the store, which seems to be the same one that was updated.
  2. Its just that, after awhile, they can no longer stand me at the job.

    I've seen daycares run out of people's homes , but they have tougher restrictions compared to being located in a mall or somewhere that's a business location. Its not like Daddy Day Care, which was funny to watch.

    I think your parents are still going on about gender stereotypes.
  3. Yikes, that's life for high school students: wake up early, school work, homework, more work and it goes on and onnnnn.........
  4. Too many ideas, and my dad likes to try to get me to work for the post office or something. I'm not really interested in a job that much. Took me this long to get SSI or something.

    Working at a daycare would be different as you would be doing it all day, rather than a few hours with babysitting.

    Japanese & Chinese languages are similar, plus Japan does things differently than in US.
  5. No job. No plans to get one, either.

    I stopped doing them some years ago, but did ran a site for some years for a club. Left the club, and found someone else to run the site.

    I don't remember my SAT scores.

    I don't think she was joking.
  6. The past jobs I had done were: data entry (1 year), custodian (1 week), gas station (3 months), swimming pool (1 summer), bell ringer (3 days). All were different years though.

    I had wanted to build websites for a job, but dropped the idea and just did them in my own time.

    Tuition isn't cheap. Plus you have to able to get into the college you want via SATs or something.

    My parents wanted me to do this and that, except I'm not that kind of person. Which is why I don't discuss my past, its too awkward.
  7. Data entry gets boring after a time. Did it for about a year, but these days I'm either browsing the web or playing games.

    There's a difference between computer coding and building. The latter requires some knowledge on how to fit things together, while coding can be done in any programming language.

    Still have no plans to retry college. Some colleges might have online classes.
  8. I have way too many games to play, but I'm usually here or checking youtube, twitter and elsewhere online.

    When I tried college, I was going for computer science. Later changed it to computer programming, and dropped out of college after 2 weeks. Haven't tried college since.

    The college down the street from me is http://northern.edu , while the one I went to was NDSCS. I did want to go to DSU, but it never happened.
  9. I don't recall if you can disable comments on them.

    I've seen a few failed lets plays of hko, where they never left dream carnival. I know one turned the video into a screamer.

    Unlike everyone else, I do have time to log into the game. But even I have to turn it off to play something else, either on my pc or console.

    Good thing I don't remember my school days. Still don't remember how I managed to get thru it to the point of graduating from high school. This was way back in the 90s, and I still haven't bothered with college. Funny enough, there is a university down the street from me. I think my sisters went there.
  10. I wonder about the commenters on your blog posts. It looks to be a bit spammy, but that's your decision.
    I ended making a blogspot blog years ago, to have a blog that didn't have restrictions.

    I I rarely see new players join the game, most would post on the forums. And half the time, its always the wrong forum.
    I have no idea if hko will be online next year, with the item mall still down and the lack of players, but players do randomly come and go. Mostly they check the game out, only to never return. I sometimes do explain why the game is like this, mainly to avoid negativity, like in the past.

    Unlike the other long time players, I may be the only one left who still plays 8 years later.
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